Support the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan

Map of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Area

The Neighbourhood Plan we have been working on with your help since 2012 has been sent to Camden Council who have published it on their website and are “seeking views and comments on the draft Plan from residents and other interested stakeholders” – which means you!
It would be really helpful if you could email or write to Camden before October 25th saying that you support the plan.

And thank you for your support from Alex, Peter, John and everyone else on the team

The Neighbourhood Plan is a long and complicated set of documents (that's planning regulations for you!) but the key points of the plan are:

  • Improving the quality of the local environment in terms of design, landscape improvements and pedestrian and cyclist comfort and accessibility
  • Improving the quality and range of green spaces across the neighbourhood, particularly in areas lacking access to high-quality spaces
  • Providing a range of housing types and sizes that are genuinely affordable to local people.
  • Providing the social infrastructure required to improve well-being and quality of life across the neighbourhood, accessible to all residents
  • Reinforcing the area’s role as a place of employment, retaining the current range of businesses, and providing opportunities for existing and new businesses to grow and flourish

Supporting the plan means that all of those objectives will become part of the planning regulations that will determine the future redevelopment of Camley Street.
To support the plan you can send an email to Camden at: or write to: Planning Policy, Regeneration and Planning, London Borough of Camden, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE

You could write to Camden and say …

Dear Camden Planning Policy Team

I write to confirm that I do believe that the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan as submitted to Camden meets the ‘basic conditions’ requirement as set out in legislation. The aims of the Plan are, I believe, fully in harmony with Camden’s, the Greater London Authority’s and the UK government’s policies with regard to such matters as affordable housing, the maintenance of a diversity of employment in London, and the urgent need for sustainable and environmentally responsible development. I look forward to reading the independent examiner’s comments on the Plan in due course, and I should like to be informed of the Council’s decision on the examiner’s recommendations.

I would be willing to participate in a public hearing should the examiner decide to hold one.

Yours sincerely
Your name & postcode

Or you could just say …

Dear Camden Planning Policy Team

I support the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan and think it should be adopted. I live/work in the Camley Street Plan Area.

Your name and postcode

Both options are good but please send your message to Camden today

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