Camley Street Neighbourhood Development Plan – Progress

27 March 2020

The independent examiner has issued her report on our Neighbourhood Development Plan and you can read it here. You can read the final ‘referendum version’ of the Plan here. Camden Council has issued a report on the process, which you can read here. The Council’s formal decision statement is here. As you can see from paragraph 1.7 of the Council’s report, the Plan can now go forward to a referendum, which will be conducted in exactly the same way as local and mayoral elections are conducted. Everyone on the electoral roll in the Camley Street Neighbourhood Area will be entitled to vote. When we know when the referendum will be held, we will conduct a campaign encouraging voters to vote in favour of the Plan. You’ll see from paragraph 1.7 that Camden at the moment thinks that the referendum may not take place before May 2021, at the same time as the postponed mayoral elections. Because of the current Covid-19 emergency, such a long delay may be necessary, but if the emergency finishes during 2020, as we all hope, we shall be encouraging Camden to hold the referendum earlier.

Camden’s consultation on our Neighbourhood Plan closed on 25 October and it’s now been sent, with all the consultation feedback received, to an independent examiner who will determine if it meets all the necessary regulations and can can go forward to a public referendum.

The independant examiner wrote to us on 13 November outlining the inspection procedure and asked that the letter be published on our website. I’ve attached the original letter as a PDF here and transcribed it below.

On 28 November the Examiner wrote with some questions for the Neighbourhood Forum.

On 19 December we wrote to the examiner with detailed answers to all of her questions and an updated map to replace the one on page 5 of the neighbourhood plan.

And on the 10 January Camden wrote to the examiner with their comments on our letter of the 19th.


EXAMINER: Jill Kingaby BSc (Econ) MSc MRTPI

John Richmond, Secretary of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum
Andrew Triggs, London Borough of Camden

Examination Ref: 01/JK/CSNP
13 November 2019

Dear Mr Richmond and Mr Triggs

Following the submission of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) for examination, I would like to clarify several initial procedural matters.

1. Examination Documentation

I can confirm that I am satisfied that I have received a complete submission of the draft Plan and accompanying documentation, including the Basic Conditions Statement, the Consultation Statement and the Regulation 16 representations, to enable me to undertake the examination.
Subject to my detailed assessment of the draft Plan, I have not at this initial stage identified any very significant and obvious flaws in the Plan that might lead me to advise that the examination should not proceed.

2. Site Visit

I intend to undertake a site visit to the Plan area week commencing 18 November 2019. This will assist in my assessment of the draft Plan, including the issues identified in the representations.
The site visit will be undertaken unaccompanied. It is very important that I am not approached to discuss any aspects of the Plan or the neighbourhood area, as this may be perceived to prejudice my independence and risk compromising the fairness of the examination process.

3. Written Representations

At this stage, I consider the examination can be conducted solely by the written representations procedure, without the need for a hearing. However, I will reserve the option to convene a hearing should a matter(s) come to light where I consider that a hearing is necessary to ensure the adequate examination of an issue, or to ensure that a person has a fair chance to put a case.

4. Further Clarification

After my site visit, I may have a number of questions seeking further clarification on aspects of the Plan.

5. Examination Timetable

As you will be aware, the intention is to examine the Plan (including conduct of the site visit) with a view to providing a draft report (for ‘fact checking’) within 4-6 weeks of submission of the draft Plan.
However, if after my site visit I do have questions, I will need to provide you with sufficient opportunity to reply. Consequentially, the examination timetable could be extended. Please be assured that in such circumstances I would aim to mitigate any delay as far as is practicable. The IPe office team will seek to keep you updated on the anticipated delivery date of the draft report.

If you have any process questions related to the conduct of the examination, which you would like me to address, please do not hesitate to contact the office team in the first instance.

In the interests of transparency, may I prevail upon you to ensure a copy of this letter is placed on the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum and Local Authority websites.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Your sincerely
Jill Kingaby

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