Planning Application – 15-20 Baynes Street – change of use

Application Number: 2014/4321/P
Type: GPDO Prior Approval Class J Change of use B1 to C3
Address: Bruges Place, First Floor, 15-20 Baynes Street, London NW1 0TF

This application is for a change of use from office space to residential apartments.  Not really a surprise this one as the offices have been underused (empty?) for some time.

Proposal: Change of use from office (Class B1a) to 29 residential units (C3) on the first floor.
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Planning Application – 7 St Pancras Way – change of use

Application Number: 2014/4684/P
Type: Variation or Removal of Condition(s)
Address: 7 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PB

This planning application is interesting in that it shows what often happens with new buildings that gained planning permission by claiming to be building space for new businesses – shortly after construction they apply for a change of use from ‘work/office’ to ‘residential’.  They do this because it’s easier to get planning permisssion for a new build if they include space for new businesses and then apply for a change of use to residential than it is to apply for residential in the first instance.

Perhaps we shouldn’t blame developers for doing this.  It is after all a symptom of the nature of our planning laws and processes.  Rather than criticise the developer perhaps we should devote more time to fixing the root causes?

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 2013/2377/P dated 10/10/2013 (for change of use of front building from office and live work to office and residential, and rear building to residential, with associaqted alterations and extensions) namely replacement of proposed dormer to rear roofslope of front building with 4x rooflights, change of roof materials to front building from black metal cladding to slate, and minor changes to openings.
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