Sources of Planning Information and Expertise

The first place to start is the information and help provided by Camden Council Planning Department and within that their sections on planning policy and neighbourhood planning.

For information specific to London there is Planning Aid for London and for Englans as a whole Planning Aid England offers help and guidance about the planning system using a range of online resources.

Within central government the Department of Communities and Local Government is responsible for the implementation of the localism and neighbourhood planning legislation – The Localism Act and The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 – and they have commissioned an organisation called Locality which is described as “the leading nationwide network for community-led organisations” to promote, support and inform neighbourhood planning.

My Community Rights is an online hub and advice service run by Locality that helps communities use their Community Rights and access the grants made available by DCLG through community ownership and management of buildings and land, and the running of local services.

Another organisation is the Forum for Neighbourhood Planning which supports people and communities in using the new powers to create neighbourhood plans and “to share experiences around neighbourhood planning, which gives local communities new powers to shape their areas”.

The Glass-House is an independent national charity supporting and promoting public participation and leadership in the design of the built environment. We provide independent advice, training and hands-on support to community groups and organisations, housing associations, developers, local authorities and other stakeholders, to help them work more effectively together to create better quality places and spaces.