Camden Council – Contacts and Resources

There are various links to Camden Council throughout this website.  This page does not attempt to index all of those, instead it just attempts to place links to all the generally useful stuff in a single place.

Camden Council

The Council’s official website is at and contains information on how how the Council is organised and how decisions are made.

Also managed by Camden Council are We Are Camden which is “the online place to get involved in decisions that Camden Council makes, sign up to local campaigns or share your ideas” and We Love Camden that says it is “the definitive guide to what’s happening in the borough, created for and by residents, visitors and local businesses”.

Planning Applications

Search for planning applications by address, street, date, application number, and many other parameters.

Street Works

Advance notice of planned works on public roads and footpaths within Camden

Parking Restrictions

Advance notice of parking restrictions within Camden

Elected Councillors

Who represents you?