Planning Application for King’s Cross Taxi Club Café

The King’s Cross Taxi Club Café located in the car park of Bookers Cash & Carry has applied for retrospective planning permission and you can find all the details on Camden’s website at 2014/3142/P.

The background is that although when the Café moved into to Bookers car park at the end of 2012 with the full permission and agreement of Bookers, neither Bookers nor the Café applied to Camden for planning permission.  That omission is now being rectified.

Documents included with the application worth looking at are

  1. Supporting Statement
    As well as lots of yawn-inducing ‘planning’ verbiage this also includes info about history of the business, its customers and the jobs it creates.
  2. Noise Assessment
    Contains accurate measurements of the noise in Camley St and an aerial map showing the exact location of the Café within Bookers car park.
  3. Drawings and Plan
    Drawings of the Café cabin.

I met with Gavin Tresidder, the owner the Café in late March, shortly after we discovered it was operating without planning permission.  We had a straightforward conversation and both agreed that, now that the omission had been discovered, planning permission should be applied for ASAP.  Hence this application.

According to the application the customers of the Café are predominantly “local Black Cab drivers; staff at the Booker warehouse; local workers and residents; and Metropolitan and British Transport Police”.  I’ve checked several times now at different times of the day and can confirm that that is correct.  The Café is open 24 hours and I think the fact that Police often spend their breaks in Camley St makes the neighbourhood a lot safer, especially at night.  Plus of course the Café has toilet facities which means no more cab drivers pi**ing in the bushes!

The only downside I can think of is the noise. The scientific measurements look OK and confirm that car/taxi noise is modest compared to the pre-existing HGV noise, but becase I don’t live in that part of the Camley St Area I can’t say what it feels like to live with it.

Overall I think the Café makes a positive contribution to the neighbourhood and it’s application should be supported.

2 thoughts on “Planning Application for King’s Cross Taxi Club Café

  1. I take a different view to that promoted on this website.
    I will not be supporting the application due to the large increase in traffic along the upper part of Camley Street.I often find it hard crossing the street at Crofters Way due to the cars coming out of Booker. They also speed along Camley Street. No 20 mph zone recognised here. This extra vehicles have increased noise and it is very worrying that a businessman is a serial offender with regards to operating without planning permission. This is reputedly the third cafe he has opened in Camden without planning permission. I’ve never seen ANY extra police in the area due to the cafe; indeed the last time I saw a policeman he was mounted on a horse about Five years ago in Weavers Way! As for operating 24 hours a day, this is unheard of for a cafe in this area. Do they sell alcohol? The owner wasn’t complying with food inspection visits. Start trading, continue until you are caught out and be rewarded for it. Very unethical. It really isn’t a business model the Camley Street Association should be supporting.
    I think i’ll open a kebab stall in one of the Elm Village car parks! Please back me!

  2. I can’t find mention of a restriction on operating hours. 24 hours is not acceptable.

    The planning application says the Booker is open 6 am to 10 pm but does not state that the cafe is 24 hours giving the impression that the cafe has the same hours as the Cash and Carry.

    Can anyone else find mention of hours of operation?

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