Planning Application – 2014/4871/P – St. Pancras Cruising Club

The proposal is to demolish the existing clubhouse and rebuild a new single storey clubhouse, boundary fencing and associated visiting boaters’ facilities.
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To quote from the application:
“The new clubhouse is proposed to be a timber clad structure of simple pitched form, relating to the adjacent dry dock building. The scale of the building will be similar to the existing, as advised by Camden Planning officers in early consultations.
The eaves line has been kept to 3.25m above the canalside level and the ridge below 4.8m above this level. This ensures the view of the Waterpoint building is maintained when seen from the canal as at present.
The canalside elevation of the new clubhouse has been made as open as possible whilst retaining necessary security for a building which is not always in use but located in a semi-public area. The door on this side is glazed and has a generous glazed side panel, serving a waiting area where club members can sit and enjoy the
canal scene. An integrated seat on this elevation folds down when needed, animating the facade with a place to sit right on the towpath.
To the garden and basin side, the building is opened up further with glazed doors to connect the main clubroom with the garden and terrace. A fabric awning is proposed to cover the terrace which provides another opportunity to introduce colour to the design.
Painted shutters are used all around the building to provide security when the building is unoccupied. The shutters will be a feature of the building, with delightful
cutout details and painted surfaces in contrast to the plainer treatment of the cladding. The existing flagpole will be relocated to the side of the new clubhouse”
The pictures of the proposal look good and fit well with the enviornment so seems to be a positive improvement.

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