Camley Street Community Land Trust

We are proposing to establish a ‘Community Land Trust’ to lead the redevelopment of the north end of Camley Street that would be owned and controlled by the people who live and work within the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Area – in other words you and me!

It’s early days yet but we’ve discussed the outline of the idea with Camden and other landowners and, so far, things are going well. We’ve also been speaking with Locality and a number of industry leading experts, advisors and financiers and have recieved a unanimously positive response to the proposal.

We launched our Camley Street Proposals at the Wassailing party on February 27th.

2 thoughts on “Camley Street Community Land Trust

  1. To the team at Camley Street Community Land Trust,

    I hope you don’t mind my contacting you, I have read about the really interesting work you have been doing at Community Land Trust space, and would like to know more about your organisation.

    I am part of a team at Social Finance, a not-for-profit social enterprise, that is working on a study of the community business market. We are doing an anonymous online survey of community businesses and we are particularly interested in those with expertise in Community Housing/Building.

    By way of context, this work has been commissioned by The Power to Change, a £150m initiative from the Big Lottery Fund to support community-led businesses across England. We would like to see community energy projects fitting the definition used by The Power to Change for its funding decisions, and are conducting this survey to review this and to better understand what the sector might find helpful.

    The survey can be found here:

    If you are able to complete the survey and would like to discuss any of the issues further with us, I’d be delighted to arrange a telephone interview as well.

    Best regards, John

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