Annual General Meeting is on 16 June

Our 2015 annual general meeting will be on Tuesday 16 June at the Camley Street Natural Park starting at 6pm with drinks and nibbles. We’d really like to hear about your ideas for the future of the area and what should and should not be in our Neighbourhood Plan – things you’d like to see improved and changed; how you’d like to see the area improved; changes to the footpaths, cycleways and roads; what you’d like to see built, and not built!

It’s increasingly obvious that the whole of Camley Street will be completely redeveloped in the near future, just look at the number of new buildings being erected the other side of the railway lines.  Plus work will soon start on more high rise buildings at 102 and 103 Camley Street, Agar Grove and Maiden Lane – it’s going to get busy.

We’re hoping to have a scale model of the area around Camley Street at the AGM that will show what it will look like what all of the currently approved planning applications are built.  I’ve seen an early version of it and it’s startlingly different from what this neighbourhood looks like now.

That’s why it’s so important that we create our own plan for the Camley Street Neighbourhood so do come along to find out what’s happening, what’s already been done and pitch in your own ideas.



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