Building homes and jobs in Camley Street

As part of our work on the Camley Street neighbourhood plan we have been talking to architects, planners, designers and others about how the future development of our neighbourhood can be shaped by the people who actually live and work here rather than outside property developers buying up the land and then presenting us with their vision for it’s future. As a result of a lot of discussions, meetings and simple hard graft we’ve grown the idea of creating a non-profit community led property development company from the germ of an idea into something that’s now attracting serious interest.

Those of you that have attended past events and meetings will have seen the outline of these ideas about how to provide truly affordable housing and seen how they have grown over the past couple of years into something that’s now mature enough to present to the world. A few weeks ago we made the decision to invite the Camden New Journal to meet with us and they published their report under the headline “Housing move that leaves out profit-hungry developers”

The Annual Camley Street Harvest Festival is this Friday 16th September

Having been a huge success in previous years, this year’s Camley Street Autumn Harvest Party promises to be the most successful yet.

Starting at 5pm, the night will entail games and activities for adults and kids alike, a re-match of last years (highly competitive) Camley Street apple pie bake-off, an on-site bonfire and live music from gypsy-jazz band, Giles Likes Tea, and Straight Horns Blues Band. And of course – not forgetting food – there will be a gourmet hog roast, plenty of locally sourced salads, and vegetable-dishes for the veggies amongst us.

There will also be news about the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan with ‘artists impressions’ of how the neighbourhood plan will shape the future of the Camley Street Area

Free entry to all Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum residents and guests – kids, pets, neighbours and out-of-towners all more than welcome!

No tickets needed, however if you do want to keep up-to-date on the event, head to

When: 16th September, 5pm – 9pm

Where: Alara Wholefoods Ltd., 110-112 Camley Street, London N1C 4PF

Camley Street Autumn Harvest Party – Friday 16 September

Our Camley Street Autumn Harvest Party is on Friday 16 September from 5-8pm at Alara at 110-112 Camley Street. And as well as gathering around a blazing autumn bonfire with other neighbours there will be a Grape Harvest, live music and free food.

Most of the apples and pears in the food will be from the fruit trees that have been planted in Camley Street over the past few year so the ‘food miles’ for the evening will be really low – zero in a lot of cases.

The party is being hosted by Alara Wholefoods and with additional sponsorship by IMS of Smithfield and Daily Fish Supplies

We hope to see you there.

Beautification in Camley Street :-)

Come and help beautify a neglected part Camley Street.


The northernmost end of Camley Street between the railway bridge and Agar Grove looks untidy and unloved but we aim to change that.  Starting at about 11am on Saturday 26th September we’ll be chopping back some of the weeds and rubbish and planting some seeds.  Come along anytime and if your can’t make Saturday then well be back again finishing off with more planting and watering at 11am Sunday 27th – we’ll be easy to spot as we’ll be the ones doing the gardening.


Join us.

Resident Questionnaire for our Neighbourhood Plan

Over the next couple of days you should receive a leaflet and a survey questionnaire from us and we hope you can find the time to fill it in and return it as the answers you give are going to be very important in determining how Camley Street is redeveloped over the next few years.

If you’d prefer to do the survey online rather than on paper then you’ll find an interactive copy here

If you have any questions then email us at: info at or meet us on Sunday 6th September – we’ll on Barker Drive just opposite the Garden Centre – with spare leaflets and brollies if it’s raining!

Our Autumn Harvest Festival on 25 September

Our Camley Street Autumn Harvest Party is on Friday 25 September from 6-9pm and as well as gathering around a blazing autumn bonfire with other neighbours there will be a Grape Harvest, live music and free food.

Camley Street Harvest Party

Your Invitation

Most of the apples and pears in the food will be from the fruit trees that have been planted in Camley Street over the past few year so the ‘food miles’ for the evening will be really low – zero in a lot of cases.

Most of the apples and pears in the food will be from the fruit trees that have been planted in Camley Street over the past few year so the ‘food miles’ for the evening will be really low – zero in a lot of cases.

The party is being hosted by Alara Wholefoods and if you RSVP ahead of the day they will have a goody bag of treats for you when you arrive.

We hope to see you there.

Planning application – 2015/1833/P – 30 Camden Street and 67-72 Plender St

Additional details relating to:

30 Camden Street to provide a 3-4 storey block for 14 selfcontained flats

67-72 Plender Street to provide two 4-5 storey blocks for a new Class D1 community centre, replacement Class A1 retail units and 31 selfcontained flats; plus new public open space next to Bayham Place.

You can search for planning applications online… at

Camley Street Community Land Trust

We are proposing to establish a ‘Community Land Trust’ to lead the redevelopment of the north end of Camley Street that would be owned and controlled by the people who live and work within the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Area – in other words you and me!

It’s early days yet but we’ve discussed the outline of the idea with Camden and other landowners and, so far, things are going well. We’ve also been speaking with Locality and a number of industry leading experts, advisors and financiers and have recieved a unanimously positive response to the proposal.

We launched our Camley Street Proposals at the Wassailing party on February 27th.

Wassailing 2015

On Friday 27th February their will be a free Wassailing Party in Camley Street from 4pm to 8pm and you are invited. There will be organic food and non-alcoholic drinks, live entertainment and, of course, Wassailing to wake up the apple trees. Do come along, it’s a very relaxed and fun event, neighbours of all ages welcome.

We’ll also be there to launch some exciting ideas we have for the redvelopment of Camley Street.

Camley Street Wassail Party 2015

Camley Street Wassail Party 2015

Planning Application – 2014/5736/P – Towpath south of 102 Camley Street

Minor works to link the proposed cycle ramp at 102 Camley Street (as proposed under current application ref: 2014/4381/P) to the Regent Canal Towpath and associated planting and landscaping works along the towpath.

So really this is just an adjunct to the main application 2014/4381/P for 102 Camley Street.


Planning Application – 15-20 Baynes Street – change of use

Application Number: 2014/4321/P
Type: GPDO Prior Approval Class J Change of use B1 to C3
Address: Bruges Place, First Floor, 15-20 Baynes Street, London NW1 0TF

This application is for a change of use from office space to residential apartments.  Not really a surprise this one as the offices have been underused (empty?) for some time.

Proposal: Change of use from office (Class B1a) to 29 residential units (C3) on the first floor.
search for planning applications online.

Planning Application – 7 St Pancras Way – change of use

Application Number: 2014/4684/P
Type: Variation or Removal of Condition(s)
Address: 7 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PB

This planning application is interesting in that it shows what often happens with new buildings that gained planning permission by claiming to be building space for new businesses – shortly after construction they apply for a change of use from ‘work/office’ to ‘residential’.  They do this because it’s easier to get planning permisssion for a new build if they include space for new businesses and then apply for a change of use to residential than it is to apply for residential in the first instance.

Perhaps we shouldn’t blame developers for doing this.  It is after all a symptom of the nature of our planning laws and processes.  Rather than criticise the developer perhaps we should devote more time to fixing the root causes?

Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 2013/2377/P dated 10/10/2013 (for change of use of front building from office and live work to office and residential, and rear building to residential, with associaqted alterations and extensions) namely replacement of proposed dormer to rear roofslope of front building with 4x rooflights, change of roof materials to front building from black metal cladding to slate, and minor changes to openings.
search for planning applications online.

Walking and Cycling Improvements to road junctions between Pancras Rd Rail Bridge, Goods Way, Camley St, Pancras Rd, and Midland Rd

Camden Council is considering improving pedestrian and cycling facilities in our neighbourhood and is consulting residents and businesses about how best to deliver that objective.

A large part of Camden Council is moving this summer into a new building at 5 Pancras Square, King’s Cross. Apart from Council offices, the new building will also house a leisure centre and library, both of which will be available to the public. This building together with other developments in the vicinity are expected to attract a high volume of employees and visitors.

We want to improve the area for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transport who will travel to and from the new buildings at Kings Cross. Improvements will also benefit those accessing St Pancras International Station, National Rail and London underground stations at Kings Cross.

Camden Council have published details of their initial proposals on WeAreCamden where you can find details and plan drawings of the proposed changes.

Send your responses to the below address by 29 August 2014 to:

London Borough of Camden,
Culture and Environment Directorate,
Transport Strategy Service,
5th floor
5 Pancras Square

Planning Application – 2014/4871/P – St. Pancras Cruising Club

The proposal is to demolish the existing clubhouse and rebuild a new single storey clubhouse, boundary fencing and associated visiting boaters’ facilities.
Find the full application at
To quote from the application:
“The new clubhouse is proposed to be a timber clad structure of simple pitched form, relating to the adjacent dry dock building. The scale of the building will be similar to the existing, as advised by Camden Planning officers in early consultations.
The eaves line has been kept to 3.25m above the canalside level and the ridge below 4.8m above this level. This ensures the view of the Waterpoint building is maintained when seen from the canal as at present.
The canalside elevation of the new clubhouse has been made as open as possible whilst retaining necessary security for a building which is not always in use but located in a semi-public area. The door on this side is glazed and has a generous glazed side panel, serving a waiting area where club members can sit and enjoy the
canal scene. An integrated seat on this elevation folds down when needed, animating the facade with a place to sit right on the towpath.
To the garden and basin side, the building is opened up further with glazed doors to connect the main clubroom with the garden and terrace. A fabric awning is proposed to cover the terrace which provides another opportunity to introduce colour to the design.
Painted shutters are used all around the building to provide security when the building is unoccupied. The shutters will be a feature of the building, with delightful
cutout details and painted surfaces in contrast to the plainer treatment of the cladding. The existing flagpole will be relocated to the side of the new clubhouse”
The pictures of the proposal look good and fit well with the enviornment so seems to be a positive improvement.