Camley Street Autumn Harvest Party – Friday 16 September

Our Camley Street Autumn Harvest Party is on Friday 16 September from 5-8pm at Alara at 110-112 Camley Street. And as well as gathering around a blazing autumn bonfire with other neighbours there will be a Grape Harvest, live music and free food.

Most of the apples and pears in the food will be from the fruit trees that have been planted in Camley Street over the past few year so the ‘food miles’ for the evening will be really low – zero in a lot of cases.

The party is being hosted by Alara Wholefoods and with additional sponsorship by IMS of Smithfield and Daily Fish Supplies

We hope to see you there.

Camley Street Farm opens this weekend (14 & 15 June)

As part of the Open Garden Squares Weekend festival this weekend 14& 15 June we’re launching CamleyStreetFarm


Be part of our new vision and let’s make Camley Street the greenest in the city together!

Under the Localism Act, a community can come together and plan what will happen in their area. On Camley Street the residents and businesses have formed the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum and we are busy developing our plan. Part of our vision is to make Camley Street the greenest street in Central London by integrating agriculture, manufacturing and digital technology together.

To achieve this we will continue to expand the food growing areas on Camley Street interweaving it around and over the manufacturing units. We also believe we can develop real jobs tending these areas with enough income being generated by selling the produce to self-fund the jobs. This food growing enterprise we have named Camley Street Farm

What is for sale today has be grown or been produced from things grown on Camley Street and the income generated will pay for Saturday jobs that have tended and developed the produce.

We really hope that you like what we are doing and thank you for your support and custom. If you buy from Camley Street Farm, you support the sustainable future!