Camley Street Referendum

At long last, the referendum to adopt the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan into Camden’s planning regulations will be held on Thursday 6 May and we are asking you to say ‘Yes’ on the ballot paper.
Everyone who lives in the Camley Street Forum Area (inside the red line) can vote in this referendum; you just need to be on Camden’s electoral roll.

Map of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Area

The Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan

Two Neighbourhood Plan events

Tuesday 20 April 6-8pm

An outside ‘open air’ display of the Neighbourhood Plan with leaflets and lots of information on several well-spaced benches at Alara in Camley Street with someone by each bench to answer your questions.
The Government roadmap says six people will be able to gather in open air settings by then – whatever the regulations say on the day we will of course fully comply with.

Wednesday 21 April 6-8pm

Three repeating 45 minute ‘drop in’ sessions on Zoom and Telephone at 6:00, 6:45 and 7:30. Each session will start with a summary of the neighbourhood plan and what it will mean for Camley Street, followed by an open Q&A session.
The Zoom links and telephone numbers for this will be published closer to the day.

The six principles of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Plan

Local Community and Social Needs

Protect and enhance existing social infrastructure facilities and contribute towards improved social interaction.


Create new homes to suit a variety of people that are high quality, affordable and well designed that can co-exist and thrive with space for new and existing businesses.


Enhance Camley Street’s role as a place of employment. Deliver space that supports a diverse mix of business opportunities and enables the existing business community to flourish and grow.

Sustainable Transport

Support and promote sustainable transportation for all uses.

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure
Increase the range and quality of green spaces accessible to residents.

Design Quality

Design will be high quality, ambitious in terms of its environmental credentials, improve accessibility into and through the area, improve safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists, and will preserve and enhance the area’s existing positive features.