Assets of Community Value

The Localism Act gives us the opportunity to register properties in our neighbourhood called ‘assets of community value’ that are of especial social or ammenity value.  Registering these properties means is that if the owner wants to sell it then:

  1. They have to notify the Local Council and the Neighbourhood Forum
  2. There is then a six-month pause before the property can be sold to give the Neighbourhood forum or other community group time to raise funds and put together a business case that would enable it make an offer for the property.
  3. The seller of the property does not have to accept that offer, even if it’s the highest, but of course that might make any subsequent planning applications involving a change of use more difficult to obtain.

Properties within the Camlety Street Neighbourhood Forum that have been suggested as Assets of Community Value are:

  • The Constitution Pub
  • Jubilee Centre (currently the Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children)
  • Camley Street Natural Park
  • St Pacras Yaght Basin
  • Barker Drive Park

And if you feel there are more please do nominate it.

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