Our Designation as the Neighbourhood Forum

Our application for designation as the neighbourhood forum for the Camley Street area was approved by Camden Council on 21 February 2014.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to Camden Council during the public consultation. The final tally of responses was:

  • 44 responses fully supported our application
  • 2 responses proposed a modified forum boundary

The two other responses were from Shaw Corporation (representing the consortia that own 101, 102 and 103 Camley Street) and the Canals & Rivers Trust. Both proposed that the boundary of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum be expanded to run all the way down St Pancras Way and then along Pancras Road until it’s junction with the south end of Camley Street.  Thus including within the forum area both sides of the canal, the apartments on the east side of St Pancras Way, St Pancras Hospital, Old St Pancras Church and St Pancras Gardens. Camden asked us to comment on this suggested amendment and this is what we said.

Copies of the original application documents here:

And you can find more information about the public consultation that ran for six weeks from 31 October to 13 December 2013 on Camden’s web site here.