Camley Street
Neighbourhood Forum

We are a group of individuals who either live or work in the Camley Street & Elm Village neighbourhood area.

During late 2015 and early 2016 we conducted a very comprehensive survey of our neighbourhood and the analysis of the results is in the collection of documents listed below. You can view them individually or download them all as a compressed folder: Complete evidence base.

We’re now in the final stages of trying to condense all of this into a set of planning policies that will be our Neighbourhood Plan and a concise ‘one page of A4’ summary of what it all means and hope to have a publishable draft within the next few weeks.

We formed the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum because we share a common purpose and objective – to make our neighbourhood the nicest possible place it can be – to make it an area that’s economically vibrant, socially connected, and generally the nicest, greenest, safest place to live and work it can possibly be.

Because all of us either live or work here we are all very connected the daily life of the neighbourhood.  We know that sometimes even the smallest of changes can make a big difference.

If you support our aim then please do join us and help to make Camley Street and Elm Village neighbourhood the best possible place it can be.  There’s no fee, no commitment and no onus on you to ‘do’ anything. All that we ask is that you share our vision of making Camley Street & Elm Village a great place to live and work!